Making Art Accessible

We are a platform ecosystem builder in the original artwork space aiming to bridge the gap between the buyers and the artists. MERAMU was initiated using the market perspective and attempts to blend the demands with the current art ecosystem. We are driven by the idea of making art accessible and bringing it easily into your “home”. Meramu is on a journey to build a large catalogue of contemporary artworks from Indonesian Artists.

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Building Community of Contemporary Artists in Indonesia

Meramu, in its terminology, means finding and collecting materials needed to create something that brings benefits. During our scouting process, we discovered how artists in Indonesia are creating remarkable artworks driven by thoughtful process and enriching values. On the other side, we also find disorganized information and “exclusive” access to artworks. With that, we hope to become the medium to bridge and connect the artists and the buyers through the artworks. We make it our mission to build meaningful connection and support artists with various colors and background in attempt to build a strong community of Indonesian contemporary artists.