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Meramu di BSD City

Maymorable: Embracing Beautiful Imperfection Artists: Anto Nugroho  |  Arief Witjaksana  |  Indo B. Satria  |  Priesca Sierra  |  Sekarputi Sidhiawati  |  Zuraisa Saleha ____________________________________________ Enter a space without limits where time dances with dreams and memories bloom like flowers in May. This exhibition invites you to immerse yourself in the poetry of shared experience. From […]

Meramu di Orange Groves

Flawsome: Embracing Beautiful Imperfection Offering distinctive perspectives on one’s journey, Flawsome highlights both the flaws and the awesome. The exhibition explores various vibrant hues that makes life extraordinary by showcasing the works and story of our talented artists. It’s a lighthearted invitation to smile at the things that make us different, knowing that it’s these […]

Meramu di Kayumerah

MERAMU di Kayumerah An exciting collaboration with Kayumerah, an exquisite dining experience, bringing forward a remarkable culinary journey into the taste of nusantara. Join us in both culinary journey and dining experience, where had the opportunity to display the work of our talented artists at Kayumerah, Batam! Open for public 10 July 2023 To […]


MOTEMOTE CASA: Pop-up Space Joining MOTEMOTE casa at ROW9 jakarta, we are showcasing some of our artworks in between pretty clothing and accessories. Come by and enjoy the intimate shopping experience in a warm and cozy space with us! Open daily from 11AM – 10PM | March 18 – April 15 2023