Meramu di BSD City

Maymorable: Embracing Beautiful Imperfection

Anto Nugroho  |  Arief Witjaksana  |  Indo B. Satria  |  Priesca Sierra  Sekarputi Sidhiawati  |  Zuraisa Saleha


Enter a space without limits where time dances with dreams and memories bloom like flowers in May. This exhibition invites you to immerse yourself in the poetry of shared experience.

From busy streets to calm parks, we bring to life different parts of city life, illustrating how simple things and strong community can enrich our lives. Within the Infinite space, every interaction portrays comfort and belonging, emphasizing the essence of quality living.  Amidst bustling streets,  shared moments weave the fabric of our lives, creating meaningful memories that resonate for generations.



BSD City Marketing Office
18 – 26 May 2024  |  9 AM – 7 PM


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