My Heart Goes Bloom – Scarf

An Exciting Collaboration with Patricia Geraldine Thebez!

Inspired by her memories during her stay in Italy.
This artwork intertwines the themes of love, pleasure, travel, and serendipity into a vibrant visual tapestry. The composition bursts with gentle vivid colors and whimsical brushstrokes, evoking a sense of joyful exploration. Amidst a dreamlike landscape, a couple embraces, their love radiating through the scene. In the background, scenic vistas and iconic landmarks beckon, representing the allure of travel and the discovery of new experiences. Splashes of vibrant hues and playful motifs symbolize the exhilarating pleasures that come with unexpected encounters and serendipitous moments. It’s a transformative power of love, the joy of exploration, and the magic that unfolds when fate intertwines with our desires.

Dimension: 100 cm x 100 cm
Material: Goldstar Rayon
Process: Digital print on fabric

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