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The Sweetness Of You – Stole

An Exciting Collaboration with Patricia Geraldine Thebez! Capturing the ethereal beauty and delightful charm that radiates from your very being. You as a representation of oneself, nature, others, and the divine. The piece is a symphony of soft pastel tones and graceful contours, evoking a sense of tenderness and warmth. Delicate brushstrokes trace intricate patterns […]

My Heart Goes Bloom – Scarf

An Exciting Collaboration with Patricia Geraldine Thebez! Inspired by her memories during her stay in Italy. This artwork intertwines the themes of love, pleasure, travel, and serendipity into a vibrant visual tapestry. The composition bursts with gentle vivid colors and whimsical brushstrokes, evoking a sense of joyful exploration. Amidst a dreamlike landscape, a couple embraces, […]

Allure Tumbler

An Exciting Collaboration in a Tumbler Introducing “Allure,” a special collaboration by Meramu and Ryan Geraldin. With its playfully bold patterns and sleek lines, “Allure” effortlessly combines alluring masculinity and elegance. So buckle up, because “Allure” is here to sprinkle a dash of magic and a whole lot of boldness into your daily sipping adventures! […]

Noah x Meramu at ArtMoments Bali

A special collaboration between NOAH and MERAMU! Join us as we celebrate the diverse voices of artists who have poured their hearts and souls into these captivating masterpieces. Experience the joy of discovery as you connect with their stories, finding fragments of your own reflection within each stroke and contour. Featuring the work of talented […]

Kolaborasi Kreatif: Dole x Meramu

Kolaborasi Kreatif Healing Healing Volunteering Ep. “Melukis Mimpi bersama Anak Asuh Annajah” Dukung mimpi besar mereka dengan mengapresiasi karya dan inspirasi cerita di baliknya! Beri “love” dan beli lukisan yang kamu suka ❤️ *hasil penjualan akan disumbangkan ke Panti Asuhan Annajah