The Sweetness Of You – Stole

An Exciting Collaboration with Patricia Geraldine Thebez!

Capturing the ethereal beauty and delightful charm that radiates from your very being.
You as a representation of oneself, nature, others, and the divine.
The piece is a symphony of soft pastel tones and graceful contours, evoking a sense of tenderness and warmth. Delicate brushstrokes trace intricate patterns that symbolize the interconnectedness of all creation, emphasizing the omnipresence of heavenly sweetness.
The Sweetness Of You serves as a visual celebration of your inner light, inviting viewers to bask in the warmth and joy that you effortlessly bring to the world.

Dimension: 71,2 cm x 198,12 cm
Material: Goldstar Rayon
Process: Digital print on fabric

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